Sunday, 19 February 2012

Raspberry and Almond Madeira Cake

Mother dearest always bemoans the fact she feels i bake for everyone but her, so i knew the next cake i made was already earmarked.

I had already planned a day of comfort food (a rather mighty shepherds pie with veggies), in celebration of my grandma's return home after a 5 week stint in hospital but i wanted a cake that would be special but also sit comfortable in a pool of custard for dessert.

When i am in the mood to bake, a ingredient will present itself and then i will find a recipe containing it. Over Valentine week, all the red fruits were bountiful and i decided my ingredient of choice would be raspberries.

After consulting my vast collection of cookbooks, i returned to the petite but ever reliable Good Food: Cakes and Bakes for it's Raspberry and Almond Madeira cake.

I adore almonds, flaked, blanched or ground, it's one of my favourite ingredients to use in cakes.
The cake was easy to make, a usual creamed mixture with the addition raspberries, orange zest and crushed almond flakes.

And 1hr later, this is what you get.....

The cake was moist and the tart raspberries just lifted it to another level.

So, what do you think?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hello Pretty - My Hello Kitty cake

Last year I embarked on a cake decoration course after boring my colleagues to death about how much I’ve always wanted to do it.

12 weeks later, I found that most of what I learnt from the course, I could have watching the plethora of amazing cake decorating tutorials available on YouTube, from the comfort of my own home.

My dear colleague Okwuchi was keen for me to make her daughter's birthday cake (and 36 cupcakes for her school friends) and after turning her down many times (who wants to be remembered for making a shitty birthday cake, let alone the stress of this being my first 'professional' cake).

No brief was given (which again triggered the panic sweats) but her only request was to make sure it was 'pretty'.

Her daughter, like many her age, has a love of all things Hello Kitty, so my decision was made.

Top of Hello Kitty Cake by Cher My Cakes

The cake is an 8 inch Victoria sponge cake, coloured pink (sorry for no pictures of that) with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream filling. It's covered in pink vanilla buttercream and topped with fondant Hello Kitty faces, sugar pearls and shimmery butterflies.

Hello Kitty Cake

A tutorial to how to create the Hello Kitty faces are available here, as you will see, I modified mine and used Wilton decorative gel for both the whiskers and bows.

So, how did i do?

And so it begins....

I have created this blog to document my develoment as a amateur baker and cake decorator.

My love of baking has been with me since i was a child and i have amassed many cookbooks to the horror of those i live with.