Sunday, 19 February 2012

Raspberry and Almond Madeira Cake

Mother dearest always bemoans the fact she feels i bake for everyone but her, so i knew the next cake i made was already earmarked.

I had already planned a day of comfort food (a rather mighty shepherds pie with veggies), in celebration of my grandma's return home after a 5 week stint in hospital but i wanted a cake that would be special but also sit comfortable in a pool of custard for dessert.

When i am in the mood to bake, a ingredient will present itself and then i will find a recipe containing it. Over Valentine week, all the red fruits were bountiful and i decided my ingredient of choice would be raspberries.

After consulting my vast collection of cookbooks, i returned to the petite but ever reliable Good Food: Cakes and Bakes for it's Raspberry and Almond Madeira cake.

I adore almonds, flaked, blanched or ground, it's one of my favourite ingredients to use in cakes.
The cake was easy to make, a usual creamed mixture with the addition raspberries, orange zest and crushed almond flakes.

And 1hr later, this is what you get.....

The cake was moist and the tart raspberries just lifted it to another level.

So, what do you think?

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