Friday, 9 March 2012

30th Smarties and Curly Wurly Birthday Cake

A colleague at work asked me to make a 30th birthday cake for her friend's birthday. After much umm-ing and arr-ing over whether i was up to the task, i accepted.

She had no demands other than it had to have 30 on it and there be a chocolate element. Such a loose specification scared me and i took to Google images for some much needed inspiration.

After stumbling over some amazing looking cakes, i landed on the idea of attempting this Smarties cake from Ferris Cakes. But taking the idea of using curly wurlys on this cake i had long ago found on Nom!

After posting for help on Cake Central, the creator of the cake actually replied and was especially helpful.

So, 12 tubes of smarties, hours of baking and a rather messy kitchen later, this was the result...

I was semi happy with the results.

In an ideal world (or with better planning from me lol) i should have done the numbers in the same colour, ideally blue like Melanie's and baked my cakes the day before, so i had the day dedicated to decorating, rather than turning into a stressed mad dictator in the evening before delivery, barking orders at my poor sister as she helped lay smarties.

My colleague was very happy with the cake and days later, her and her flatmate were tucking into the remains.


  1. This looks like a chocoholic's dream...curly wurlies used to be my favourite! :-)

  2. Love the use of curly wurlies - they're not used in baking enough!

    1. I know, i had to force myself to dip the offcuts into my tea after :-)